Couples Counselling

What is it?

Every relationship encounters problems at some point. Even the longest and the most stable relationships go through some hard times. It is during these times that the couple learns more about each other. Once they have survived these storms, their relationship becomes stronger.

Tracy creates a safe and supportive space that encourages couples to see the others perspective and to work together to find resolutions.  

Relationship resolution, communication, couple counseling

How does it work?

Tracy’s approach with couples is to create a balance in their relationship. Her goal is to help both individuals understand one another’s perspective. This involves creating an environment of mutual accountability, without placing blame on either partner and allowing them the space to question their views of a situation.

No matter what issues couples are facing, it is important that both contribute to finding suitable resolutions. By challenging each individual to look at their partnership from a different angle, we inspire thought about how change can benefit the relationship overall. Contact us today to schedule a session with Tracy and start your journey towards a happier and more resilient relationship.

Insurance & coverage

Our office offers Direct Billing for Blue Cross Insurance holders and members of organizations we are a Preferred Provider for. All other clients will pay at each session and be issued a receipt that they may submit to their insurance provider for a reimbursement. Check with your Insurance Provider before your session to see what benefits you are entitled to.

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