Why Go To Therapy?


If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness or depression, therapy can be an effective way to help you manage and process those emotions. A therapist will help you develop coping strategies for handling your distress in a safe and healthy environment. They can also give you insight into the sources of your depression, so that you can work towards developing a plan for long-term recovery.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can lead to feelings of helplessness and social isolation, making it difficult to relate to others or take action on your goals. Through therapy, you can identify core beliefs that may be contributing to these issues and learn skills to develop healthier habits. A counselor will provide support while helping you recognize your own strengths and build a more positive self-image over time. Therapists can also offer suggestions for activities or changes in your life that could help improve relationships with yourself and others.

Depression therapy: a person sitting on a couch with a therapist, discussing their feelings

You have what it takes

Everyone that walks into the counselling room has the ability to create positive change. You are the expert on your own life and have the potential to grow and achieve your personal goals. It is the role of a psychologist to guide you to find and identify your own strengths and potential. We can offer insight and new skills to enhance the strengths you already possess while identifying and changing the things that may be holding you back.


Therapy is a form of psychological treatment used to help people manage difficult emotions, behaviors and relationships. It is based on talking with a trained counselor or therapist who can provide guidance and support as you work towards overcoming personal challenges.

Therapy works by providing an opportunity to talk about your thoughts and feelings in a safe space free from judgement. Through therapeutic processes such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), you can gain insight into why certain behaviors have developed and learn new skills for managing stress, relationships, life changes and other challenges.

The benefits of therapy include improved mental clarity, greater self-awareness, increased control over emotions and behaviors, enhanced relationships with others, increased confidence and self-esteem, and improved overall wellbeing.

Absolutely! All sessions can be done virtually using Zoom. If you are local to the St. Albert area you also have the option of having your session in person at Tracy’s office. 

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